Global Warming In Perspective

About Us

We are a team of four high school seniors in Honolulu, Hawaii. We started this blog as part of a study on global issues for our summer economics class. We are all involved in the research, composition, development, editing, and testing processes. However, we devised more specific overseeing roles to ensure that this project runs smoothly.

LM is the group leader and lead developer. She makes sure we stay on task and that everything runs smoothly. She also does all of the technical work.

JK is our research coordinator. She checks the credibility of our sources and oversees the entire research process, ensuring that our site is accurate.

MK is the proofreader and editor. She reads through everything we write and makes sure that it is concise, easy to understand, and free from grammatical and spelling errors.

SL is our tester. She makes sure our site flows well and is easily navicable. She also determines where our site is lacking and proposes new features to improve our blog.

Together, we make “The Founding Four”
To contact us, please leave a comment anywhere on our site, or send us an email.

Mr. Cheever is our teacher and Logan is our TA. They’re awesome rockstars
… and they’re grading our blog 😉


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