Global Warming In Perspective

Global Warming: Myth vs. Reality

The media is responsible for popularizing the fear that increases in carbon dioxide emissions will lead to a catastrophic upset in the global climate structure. The truth of the situation is: some parts of this new climate pattern are not completely understood and scientists are still researching. There are some myths about Global Warming that have been repeated and magnified so many times by so many people that most people accept them on blind faith without thinking to question them or listen to the other point of view. Here are some of the main myths and assumptions Global Warming followers support and why they are just plain untrue.

Figure 1:
Myth: The Ozone Layer is in serious danger
Although the hole in the Ozone Layer directly above Antarctica is extremely large, the whole layer is not falling apart. While the hole above Antarctica has been growing larger during the past couple of years, the ozone concentration has held pretty constant and the rest of the layer around the Earth has been building up. While it is necessary to make sure that our planet is protected under an adequate coat of ozone, we have some time to help it to continue to mend and our atmosphere is heading in the right direction for a complete ozone restoration.1

Myth: CO2 causes climate change
Many Americans take for granted the idea that an increase in carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere is what leads to an increase in Earth’s temperature. In fact, that is only a theory. Professor Zbigniew Jaworowski, Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Central Laboratory for Radiological Protection in Warsaw, Poland published his research that found that a change in Earth’s temperature would have more to do with cloud cover and water vapor than carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere. He “points out that cloudiness and water vapour [sic] are nearly a hundred times more influential on global temperature variations than all the rest of the greenhouse gases combined. He suggests for example, that if it were possible to double the global CO2 concentration, the effect could be cancelled out by a 1% increase in cloudiness.”2
Many scientists believe that changes in solar irradiance are what cause the changes in average global temperature from year to year.3
Figure 2:
As you can see in Figure 2, solar irradiance is closely related to Earth’s surface temperature which leads many scientists to believe that when the sun’s radiation increases or decreases from one year to the next, the Earth’s temperature responds respectively.



Myth: All scientists agree with the media on the subject of Global Warming
This is very untrue. In fact, there have been three famous petitions by scientists trying to tell the world that the media’s portrayal of Global Warming is false. These three are the Heidelberg Appeal in 1992 from Germany with 4000 signatures, the Leipzig Declaration in 1996, from Germany again with 110 signatures and the Oregon Petition Project from California, USA with 17,000 signatures from concerned scientists from around the world.2
A survey conducted by Greenpeace found that only 13% of scientists asked believed that the continuation of current levels of energy usage will result in catastrophic changes in climate. A poll conducted within the Meteorological Society and the American Geophysical Society concluded that 17% of members believe greenhouse gas emissions caused the increase in global temperature.4

Myth: Most people support the Kyoto Protocol
By 2004, seven years after the Kyoto conference that gave birth to the Kyoto Protocol was held, only 15% of countries that considered the protocol actually started using it. Even though our friends in the media were claiming that all of the countries in the world held a consensus and were unified in their fight behind the Kyoto Protocol; that just wasn’t true. Out of the 210 countries that adopted the Kyoto Protocol, only 32 actually ratified it. That means 85% of countries that signed this set of restrictions rejected them, as of 2004. In May of 2004, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the country’s most prestigious technical institute, published a report concluding that the Kyoto Protocol has no scientific grounding at all.2

Myth: The Earth cannot withstand higher levels of CO2
Increasing amounts of carbon dioxide is actually an amazingly good thing for the environment. A lot of research shows that increased levels of carbon dioxide “accelerate the growth rates of plants and also permit plants to grow in drier regions”5 Since 1950, there are 30% more trees available to make timber and, currently, there is about 60 tons of timber for every American. Also, “mature Amazonian rain forests are increasing in biomass at about two tons per acre per year; and a composite of 279 research studies predicts that overall plant growth rates will ultimately double as carbon dioxideincreases.” 5

———————————————————————————————————— Sources

Figure 1.
Figure 2.


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Comment by garrett desman

I feel that global warming is complete nonsense and also feel that there is only visual evidence to support Al Gore’s theory. Most of all, Al Gore is using a lot of energy himself, and is therefore a hypocrite.

Comment by Jason Barnes

[…] Originally Posted by PuyoPiyo Yeah I am so with you, the Global Warming is one of the biggest issue right now.. Two things you and everyone should read: Civilization Watch – March 4, 2007 – All in a Good Cause – The Ornery American Global Warming In Perspective […]

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“Global warming” in itself is not a myth – there are areas around the globe that are experiencing average temperature increases largely due to the “greenhouse effect”. However, this is not a GLOBAL problem, but a localised one.

When one considers this in light of the fact that the earth has experienced temperature fluctuations in a general cycle for millions of years and that we haven’t even come close to reaching the highest average global temperatures that the world has survived in the past, coupled with the fact that the earth is actually in a cooling cycle at the moment, one finds that there are far bigger threats out there than “global warming”.

Comment by Julz

I’ve had professors admit that the only reason they support global warming is so they can receive grant money for their studies. It’s a hot topic so the government is willing to hand out the cash. These same professors also proved that we are in a cooling cycle using the same data they used to support global warming. It’s all in the presentation. The amount of data used to project temperature change is so statistically insignificant it is irresponsible to call for dramatic social change. More study needs to be done to prove that man is causing climate change.

Comment by Hank Risen

I get that the heat is rising and the ozone is breaking up but think a couple million years back this whole world was tropical and even then the water vapour was tearing at the ozone layer and what I think is that this whole thing is just a natural cycle. But yes I understand the ozone layer is worse that ever.

Comment by chris .giuffre

Glad i found your site.The honest scientist are right,Global warming is a massive global con.Who is behind it,greedy governments,mad scientists,or the stirring media.At the moment we have global cooling.It has been proved beyond a doubt.If you tell a lie often enough,some people will believe it.NOT I.Or millions of other people worldwide.Bombard your minister or senator with Emails telling him/her to listen to the facts,ignore the lies,do your job properly,because elections come up eventially.

Comment by Malcolm

As Dr. Fred Singer, president of the Science & Environmental Policy Project research group (,states, “[Global Warming] is completely unsupported by any observation.” The world is just going through its cycle and yet some are getting Nobel Prizes for stirring up panic.

Comment by Rusty Walker

you are wrong. global warming is real

Comment by jobin

Not according to the figures. You should look at the facts before giving your opinion.

Comment by Samuel

have YOU looked at the facts recently? Try a search for images of receding glaciers

Comment by Gregory Bryant

i agree global warming aint real.Its just a myth. Obviously there is no real fact or any evidential material to tell if it is real .

Comment by A$

As far temperature is concern there is no doubt it has increased by 0.5 degree celcius over last 100 years. Whether you call is global warming or not its individuals perception.

Comment by Dr. R.K.Goyal

If Dr. R.K. Goya looked at the graph at the beggining ofthe article he would see that the temperature may have gone up but if you look all the way back to 400BC the temperature fluctuates every 100 to 200 years and we still aren’t even as hot as the earth was in 300 BC year 0, 300 Ad, 500 AD,and 1150 ad. How do you explain that??

Comment by John T. Schmidt

I hope everyone can keep our environment

Comment by olly

Whether global warming is man made or not, it doesnt change the fact we treat the planet like shit, and should be doing more to be less dependant on the earth finate resources. As usual greed gets in the way… which ever way you look at this issue

Comment by Sez

I’m an engineering student and I’ve been always attracted towards this matter, firstly like everyone I too believed in all that crap, then I saw a documentary called THE GREAT GLOBAL WARMING SWINDLE…
Since then I’d changed my way to see the things…

anyone having any more information on this topic please E-mail me at

Comment by Umar

Im glad to see other people are having doubts about Global Warming.It is definitely a worldwide scam.Now we need to know where this ripoff originated from. Any Ideas.

Comment by Malcolm

your all correct really because we dont know why it is really happening 100%do we

Comment by unidentified please wait ...

Even if many of us do not believe in Global Warming , then also we must try our best to reduce the use of non-renewable sources of energy like petroleum and coal. Burning 1 litre of petrol produces 2.3 Kg of CO2 and burning 1 litre of Diesel produces 2.7 Kgs of CO2 , also if one is using electricity generated in a thermal power plant then generating 1 KWh produces about 40 Kgs of CO2. Even if we believe that there is no Global warming but then also we must reduce this large production of CO2. We must plant more trees. We must use paper judiciously and above all WE MUST SAVE WATER !!!

Comment by amit_26

Save Water? No. Water can not be made or destroyed. Rural areas, we have wells. ir rains, we get more in the ground. the ONLY reason “Save Water” came into play, was water treatment plants cant keep up very well witht he amount of water being used. thats it. Water is NOT going anywhere.

Comment by Harley22

Amount of water being used in URBAN areas.*** Rural areas, its just water in the ground that comes off a lake or ocean, rains down, goes into the ground, and eventually makes its way back to a river, and into the lake or ocean.

Comment by Harley22

I find in reading those sites that say that climate problems are a myth that their evidence is very sparse and inconclusive. Recently I read Book 1 of the free e-book series “In Search of Utopia” (, it blasts their lack of evidence relative to several myths. The book, actually the last half of the book, takes on the skeptics in global warming, overpopulation, lack of fresh water, lack of food, and other areas where people deny the evidence. I strongly suggest that anyone wanting to see the whole picture read the book, at least the last half.

Comment by ProfBob

Thank you Profbob

Comment by Gregory Bryant



A) A corporate shill working for (surprise surprise) big oil companies


B) An idiot who is actually fooled by their “research” which is actually conducted by the oil companies’ “scientists” who aren’t even certified or legit, just payed a heck of a lot to come up with a bunch of nonsensical theories and irrelevant data.

Comment by George

Thank you for insulting me and the thousands of other people whose beliefs differ from yours. Intolerance, anyone?

Comment by Guest

Global warming’s a myth. It’s the government’s excuse to raise taxes.

Comment by Mudkip

Peer reviewed ^
read the first paragraph. Helps trees, my ass. Yeah, look at the glaciers.
People target CO2 emissions because they are something we can attempt to control. Yes, water vapor and methane retain much more heat. However, water vapor is part of the water cycle and isn’t always in that form, as it is recycled. And it gets worse the more the earth heats up, (as a result, not a cause.) You don’t believe in global warming because you’ve done a google search on it and read nothing real, read one book or article denying it, or are ignorant in general. Don’t let other people feed you your ideas.

Comment by john sawyer

When we are all suffering the effects of climate change because the political will is not there NOW to make necessary changes….I hope you are proud of the fact that you helped give people the excuse to sit back and do nothing.

Comment by S MacDonald

I have just been watching a program on tv titled “X-Ray Earth” It shows how satellites can see earth and map the CO2 over the planet. A computer model shows an 8% increase in CO2 and the animation showed how the earth is heating up in the last 10 yrs. But wait! I see that in 1947 the ppm of CO2 is 276 PPM and 2010 its 795 PPM. Wrong its still around 300 PPM (parts per million) concentration and it can go up to 600 PPM with no bad effect. We are being lied to by scientists that show us what they think might happen not what is happening. They only lie to us because they need the funds.

Comment by steve francis

I’m only searching this for part of my coursework for school, but to all the people who say it’s all a myth and a government scandal, then I hope your proud of yourselves when our future generations are suffering because people today only care if it were to affect them directly. If things like electricity usage and driving cars were decreased, and recycling, solar energy etc. were increased then we can preserve our planet rather than sitting here with all our greed destroying it for the future generations to come. Facts come from scientists, and people who say that it is all just a myth are just trying to be smart and contradict people who know how to use facts.

Comment by John

I garantee we will be COMPLETELY fine. Glaciers have mented, come back, and gone again many times. Antarctias ice is getting THICKER! If you want to. Save people? or save the earth? We cant destroy the earth. people arent that powerful at all. Unless we break the earth in half and send it in different directions, the earth will come back. People might not, but the earth its self will always come back. My great gradndpa use to tell me of summers that got up to 40 degrees celcius in the 1920’s, we live in Ontario Canada, and i can tell you, that we have never got that hot before. What about the Great depression and the world wide drought? im pretty sure that we didnt cause that. Our earth is FINE! walk outside, and it is great. trees are growing strong, and there is plenty of water, and it is not dieing.

Comment by Harley22

Not COMPLETELY world wide, so dont troll about that. Many countries experienced it, and lasted for 10 years. Im pretty sure we are fine now.

Comment by Harley22

I agree

Comment by Nada

Global warming is seasonal , just as we have annual seasons the globe has long term seasons,the manipulation by earthlings of what they expect others to beleive is a insult to our intelligence.

The overpopulation of the globe, coupeled with clearing of rain forests is real, and will have some adverse effects, but that is not taken into consideration by the Manipulators.

Comment by Terry

I am KNOW that people are to careless with our world. Even if global warming is just the temperature fluctuating over the last few centuries it would NOT hurt to try to cut down on carbon emissions by walking instead (loosing weight instead of diet) or growing own vegetables (less food miles). People are just the greedy people on this planet that only care about money!

Comment by mr moo

If you people paid attention during elementry science class plants need carbon dioxide to survive, they use it to create food. The earth and everything else in nature including humans has a balance more CO2 equals more food for plants equals more plant seeds equals more plants and the cycle continues. Is the earth warmer now than it was years ago? Yes it is, but it is also cooler than it was as well. It is a natural cycle to warm and cool

Comment by Jimmler

Glad i found your site.The honest scientist are right,Global warming is a massive global con.Who is behind it,greedy governments,mad scientists,or the stirring media.At the moment we have global cooling.It has been proved beyond a doubt.If you tell a lie often enough,some people will believe it.NOT I.Or millions of other people worldwide.Bombard your minister or senator with Emails telling him/her to listen to the facts,ignore the lies,do your job properly,because elections come up eventially.

Comment by Terry

I stumbled on this site while doing a research on global warming and i honestly am confused regarding this matter. Whether its a myth or not, the adverse effect are being felt in most parts of the world at present. Arguing whether its real or not is not helping at all. Instead, people should be coming up with ways to mend the ozone layer which is deteriorating each single day otherwise, you will really feel the wrath of nature. Bear in mind, nature can be cruel and it does not forgive.

Comment by Megan Edward

I believe that Global Warming is real and not a myth because, has anyone noticed thats it’s only the end of march and already it feels like summer I mean its unnatural and weird cause right now we are acctually soposed to be in the middle of an Ice age but it doesn’t seem like it though right?
Because of global warming the CO2 thats being put into the atmosphere is thickening it up so it traps more heat from the sun inside the atmosphere so the Earth gets hotter and onece the Earth gets hotter the polar ice caps and Greenland’s Ice sheet will melt causing catastrophic events.

Comment by Hailey Holt

It’s “supposed”

Comment by Ares

Good article! Using the Precautionary Principle advocated in UN Agenda 21, the best thing is to do NOTHING to reduce our carbon footprint- BECAUSE- there is NO proof or even strong evidence that increased carbon dioxide is causing harmful climate change. That is ADMITTED in Agenda 21, which states clearly that the whole matter is uncertain and uses language clearly showing that the whole theory of catastrophic climate change due to increased CO2 is purely speculative. HOWEVER- it is DEFINITELY known that more CO2 in the air is good for plant growth and good for soil fertility- therefore the best thing is do nothing to reduce our carbon footprint, lest we diminish the flourishing of life on Earth! The global warming alarmists even admit more CO2 is good for plant growth, but they spin it in a twisted way- they say it helps poison ivy and other noxious weeds grow better!

Comment by Joe Alexander

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Comment by Darlene

check this video out!

Comment by gaurav

Al Gore is such a hypocrite. He sold his channel to Al Jazeera an Islamic tv network that supports terrorism after denying to sell it to Glenn Beck because he was concerned about the networks legacy

Comment by Ares

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Global Warming: Myth vs. Reality | Global Warming In Perspective

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Global Warming: Myth vs. Reality | Global Warming In Perspective

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Global Warming: Myth vs. Reality | Global Warming In Perspective

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Comment by Adam

climate change is not reality because there is no enough evidence to prove that. It is just that these theories are applied with other people to earn money from gvt for example the Kyoto Protocol. Millions of money was spent to find out abt weather changes bt till now there is no a proper evidence so

Comment by Prosper Beniasi

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